About Roatan

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands, which are a part of Honduras, lying just over 30 miles from the northern coast of the Honduran mainland. Known for its relaxed lifestyle, mild climate, beautiful surroundings, scuba diving and friendly people, Roatan is a place one must visit. The reef surrounding the island attracts beautiful tropical fish and snorkelers alike. Dive attractions include sea walls, shipwrecks, a submerged airplane, and night diving. Sea turtles, dolphins, and whales swim in the waters of Roatan. Parrots, iguana, and monkeys live in the wild on this tropical island. An iguana farm east of French Harbor provides a refuge for thousands of iguanas and is open for tourists. During crab season, island blue crabs come out at night by the thousands. The crabs climb trees to eat fruit. Roatan has a mild climate year round with sea temperatures fine for swimming all year (when weather permits). 

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras